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Multilingual hotel website localisation

Making sure your website is seen and understood internationally

babel is a multilingual solution designed to help hotels with their international presence online.

With hotels being the natural recipients of customers from abroad, your international presence could quickly become the most essential part of your online strategy. Today most independent hotels cannot be found at all by travellers who search the internet in their own language. And those that find you, cannot understand what you are selling! This is where the OTAs have a serious advantage over a hotel's own website... and this is where babel multilingual, with an excellent and affordable internationalisation and localisation programme, can help you earn back direct bookings.

why multilingual ?

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babel is a truly unique product designed to bring hotels to the international arena without the usual costs.

By designing hotel websites and carefully marketing them to and international, multilingual world, BABEL Multilingual can offer a hotelier an unparalleled opportunity to compete with the OTAs abroad!

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how do you benefit?

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Consumers are faced wtih two major difficulties when trying to make a reservations at your hotel from abroad:

a) they can't find you. Often using a completely different alphabed to yours, the various search engines will not show your hotel in their search results.
b) even if they manage to find you, they can't understand you ...

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how much is it?

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We have done away with the usual costs of localisation. babel is priced on a Cost Per Acquisition basis!.

Unlike the usual expensive translation and localisation services, at babel we partner with our clients and absorb the risks associated with building an estensive multiigual presence on the internet.

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